Gambling systems with server and client

A system with server and client utilizes two separate interacting applications (server and client), which can generally run on different computers and exchange data
In our solution, such systems use some gambling controlling server, which is located in the gambling hall or somewhere in the Internet and operates n gambling clients. The client itself contains only graphics and peripherals for processing money, cards, receipts and so on, if necessary. All other processes including game logic are executed by the server application.

We have developed the following systems with server and client:
  • online systems with server and client,
  • offline systems with server and client.
Online client-and-server system features::
  • remote server (in Internet);
  • player client working under Windows and Flash;
  • can be implemented on Android and iOS;
  • all modules including cashier’s are controlled over web-interfaces;
  • integrated Global JackPot system;
  • system of bonuses for players.
Offline client-and-server system features:
  • server is connected via local network;
  • remote statistics server in Internet (if needed);
  • player client working under Windows and Flash;
  • can be implemented on Android and iOS;
  • cashier’s terminal for payments is installed in the gambling hall;
  • loyalty system using RFID-cards;
  • up to 10 local jackpots;
  • cashier’s interface can be implemented as web-interface, win-application, or as a mobile device application;
  • server is controlled over a remote win-application;
  • can be certified as an entertainment system.

Also we have experience in the development of the combined client-server systems, which can work as from the remote server, as well as from the server connected to the local network. An example of such a system is our online/offline system Royal Games.

 -  Royal Games

Royal Games game client system interface (click the picture to go to the Royal Games system page)

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