Lottery systems

The concept of lottery has been easily adapted to the realities of the modern world, and now it has spread into the World Wide Web. Interactive lottery 'tickets', unlike traditional ones, are processed not 'manually', but via a user interface, i.e. using a screen, a mouse and/or a keyboard. Online lotteries have a lot of advantages over traditional ones as they make it possible to sell tickets remotely and at any distance, as well as to overcome a number of technical complications (e.g. timely informing the participants about the start of the drawing, its closure, the distribution of winnings and so on).

Our company has experience in the development of unique video-lottery systems (such as VLT MegaBit, see our portfolio), as well as television SMS lottery systems.

At the present time our specialists have developed several unique interactive SMS lotteries, illustrations to which are given below:

Below you can see the scheme of connection to the gaming lottery system.

Drawing TV SMS-lottery features:
  • Introduces ticket-free approach implemented by means of high technologies allowing the player to take an active part in the lottery drawing.
  • The drawing of the prize fund of the lottery is conducted by a special lottery program defining the winning combination.
  • The lottery participants can test their luck for real by making their own playing combinations. A player can send any number of bets containing one and the same combination, or a number of different ones.
  • A player can take part in the drawing of the prize fund of the lottery by sending his/her bet (containing a playing combination(s) ) to the Organizer via text message from the mobile phone number stated in the Contract.
  • The drawing of the prize fund of the lottery is supervised by the lottery commission.
  • The prize can be claimed at any payout offices just in a minute after the drawing took place.


Videolottery features:
  • In order to participate in the lottery, a participant needs to purchase electronic lottery tickets via lottery terminals. A participant is able to see whether the ticket he/she bought is winning or not by means of pictures displayed or any other kind of visualisation immediately after money is paid and the receipt is collected.
  • The lottery is conducted in stages using several tiers of electronic equipment supporting the lottery drawing process: lottery centre, data processing centre, lottery terminals.
  • Terminals with client application installed can be connected to the data processing centre via Internet or LAN connection.
  • Visualisation of the winnings is implemented in the form of popular video slot games.

We can also offer you online lottery systems implemented within a dedicated lottery terminal with a touch-pad, which can be mounted in your gambling hall.

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