What is Jackpot system and what is it for


A unique chance to get winnings sufficiently surpassing the stake and the amount of usual payment on it is an electronic money-box, where a certain part of gamblers stakes from all gambling spots (slot machines, electronic roulettes etc.) is transferred. JackPot amount is not comparable to any correlations. This electronic money-box is connected to number of gambling spots or to all of them, it has an information board where the data of the winnings status are displayed and/or light and sound system to deliver information to the gambling spot.

As gambling industry is nowadays widely spread in many countries all around the world, installation of JackPot systems in casinos, gambling clubs and gambling networks, gives the owner a considerable advantage against the competitives because JackPot which is always gambled on serves as an additional incentive for the gamblers and increases the potential attractiveness of the gambling site on the whole.

Our company offers a combined JackPot system

It includes all the advantages of the Progressive and Mystery JackPots. Besides our system allows to unite JackPot of several gambling halls or casinos, by means of the unified information server in Internet.

JackPot System includes the following modules:

  • program module;
  • slot machine controller;
  • topper;
  • display unit – light-emitting diode board or plasma TV (with or without frame);
    The "Jackpot" system can output information about its status or a winning slot-machine on a "creeping line" panel " (line width: 2500 symbols, text can be centered) or a monitor. You can use a plasma panel, a TV-set (with S-video port) or another computer display as an output monitor. "Creeping line" panel and monitor can be used together or separately.
  • network equipment (wires, switches, etc.)

Below You can see a demo video of jackpot drawing:


JackPot forming:

JackPot could be formed by any of the following deductions to choice:

  • a prescribed percentage of the money obtained by the slot machine, starting not with 0, but with a certain preset sum;
  • a prescribed percentage of the money gained by the slot machine, starting not with 0, but with a certain preset sum;
  • a fixed JackPot, e.g. 100000 USD;
  • a non-monetary JackPot (valuable prizes announced in advance).


Drawing the prize fond:

The prize fond can be drawn in one of the following ways (for choice):

  • sum limit;
  • random sum in given range;
  • time limit;
  • random time in given range;
  • periodically;
  • any time-sum combination;
  • discriminated drawing - a slot-machine can win if the bet was lower than stated (this function is supported for cards with deduction output from each bet - total bet, jackpot, etc.);
  • drawing is executed manually by a command to managing computer.


Drawing limits:

  1. Drawing is not executed if the Jackpot prize fund collected to the drawing moment doesn't belong to a given max-min range.
  2. Drawing is not executed if at the drawing moment there are less gamblers at slot-machines included in the "Jackpot" system than stated.
  3. Drawing is not executed if 2 conditions above weren't met during the given time interval.


Slot-machines controllers:

Our "Jackpot" system supports two types of controllers: bridge and xxx. You can connect up to 16 xxx-controllers to one bridge-controller. The bridge-controller has hi-speed LAN-interface, that provides high speed and reliability of transferring information from slot-machines to managing computer and also provides using radioethernet for remote slot-machines groups. The xxx-controllers manage collecting information from slot-machines and transferring it through hi-reliable RS485-interface to the bridge-controller. Using two-level controllers reduces the price of the system essentially, and without quality loss.


Supported slot-machines:

  1. The "Jackpot" system fully supports cards by following producing companies: Atroinic, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Belatra, Extrema, Astro Corp, Casino Technology , Master Game, TAG, etc.
  2. Electronic roulettes.


The "Jackpot" system outputs information for gamblers in 4 ways, which can be used in any combination:

  • Light signal (topper) - is mounted on the case of each slot-machine connected to the "Jackpot" system. You can also mount a light-emitting diode signal of your own design or any topper with power supply of 12 V.
  • "Creeping line" panel
  • Sound signal - at the drawing moment the program damps down gambling hall's ambient sound (radio or music) and makes the winning announcement. Then the ambient sound level is restored.
  • Display (plasma panel, TV-set) - uses text jackpot information output over the video. This page contains existing video models. You can display your gambling hall logo in the video or order designing a new video.

The "Jackpot" system is protected from unauthorized actions of gambling hall staff by dividing the access level between administrator (who can change jackpot settings) and user (who can only read information and manually pay out jackpot after it was drawn). There is also an USB-key payout option, and computer can work without monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Using this option an operator should insert the USB-key in the managing computer USB-port at the drawing moment and unplug it after the information on output displays changes.

You can download full description of jackpot system here.

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