Global JackPot

What is "Global Jackpot" from SolGames company?

"Global Jackpot" is the modern and progressive mean of attracting new gamblers to your gambling halls and holding steady ones. It connects slot machines produced by various companies and located in different gambling halls, which are often situated thousands of kilometers away from each other. It combines them in a single net with common prize. "Global Jackpot" has a great appeal, as prize is constantly increasing, and one can join the system without extra investments. So, the "Global Jackpot" system is, of course, of great benefit for companies using them in their gambling halls.


Main advantages of "Global Jackpot" from SolGames company

"Global Jackpot" has taken a new step on the way of developing fresh marketing solutions for gambling industry. It combines all the advantages of progressive and mystery jackpots in one system, because the chance of winning jackpot depends on accumulated prize and players' bets only. There is no need to connect slot machines with the same game mechanics in the gaming group, so there can be various games connected. It means, that if a gambling hall has little space, its owners and managers can afford themselves to link up different slot machines to "Global Jackpot". Global jackpot, as the common prize, grows at a very fast rate, and it attracts gamblers in each gambling hall connected to the system.

Other advantages of the "Global Jackpot" are:

- it helps to attract new gamblers and hold steady ones by giving them an opportunity to win large sums, which cannot be raffled off in a separate hall;
- a trademark of a system connected to "Global Jackpot" promotes the hall consisting it;
- owners of the gambling hall can use the "OBSERVER+" system of management and analyze for free;
- owners of the gambling hall can independently create and set up any number of local jackpots for their gambling hall.
How it works:

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