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Main game

Slot machine 'Agent 008'
the board for a 'Agent 008' slot machine
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Main game screen

Pic.1 Main game screens

This game screen appears during the first game round of the slot machine. To start the game it is necessary to enter the credit and to set the number of game lines, using the "1LINE", "3LINES"...."15LINES" buttons , and the bet per line, using the "BET/Risk" button . The "START" button initiates the drums movement. The total value of the bet cannot be higher than the value of the current credit.

The "MaxBet" button allows to set the maximum bet and automatically starts the game. If the maximum bet is higher than the credit, the maximum possible bet is set, at that the maximum possible number of lines is chosen. E.g., if 15 credits are available on the account, 15 lines with the bet of one credit per line will be chosen.

The "HELP" button initiates the reference information that contains the winning combinations table and the game rules in Russian.

After the drums stop, the winning lines are shown simultaneously with the animation of winning symbols. The sum of payouts will also be shown. The game provides for the "AGENT 008" symbol that can replace any other symbol, apart from the bonus ones. At that, if different payouts may come out at different lines, this symbol will acquire the value, necessary for getting each of them.

If the payout is shown simultaneously for several lines, the payouts for all the lines are added to each other. The line is considered winning if there are at least three identical objects in succession, at that they must touch the left side. The more identical objects there are in a line, the higher is the multiplier, used for the bet for this line. The table below gives the correlation between the multiplier coefficient for the bet to the line, according to the object type and the number of objects in the line. Besides, there is distributed payout in the game. When the "SAFE" symbol appears on any drum 3, 4 or 5 times, your bet increases 25, 50, 75 times.

Simbol name Multipliers
Three per line Four per line Five per line
"Safe"(distributed payout) 25 50 75
"Suitcase" 100 1000 5000
"Ring" 50 500 2500
"Necklace" 30 100 1000
"Wineglass" 20 50 500
"Gun" 10 30 150
"Roses" 5 10 50
"Supercar" 3 5 20
"Microchip" 2 3 10


When the drums show three symbols of the free game "Credit card", then after showing the payout according to the lines (if there is any) and after the free game animation, a certain number of free games will begin. If three bonus symbols "Banker" appear, the bonus game starts. The bonus symbols by themselves do not yield any winning combination, when lined up.

You are given an opportunity to increase your payout. The risk game starts when the "BET/RISK" button is pressed after the winning combination.

Risk game

Slot machine 'Agent 008'. Jackpot supported.

Pic.2 Risk game screens

The risk game starts when the "BET/RISK" button is pressed after the winning combination. Five cards will appear on the screen and Agent 008 will shot at one of them. In order to win in the risk game, it is necessary to choose one card out of the four ones and, thus, to hit a card which rank is not lower than the agent's one. If the rank of the card that you have shot at is higher than that of the agent's card, the current payout will double; if it is lower, the payout will be set to zero, and if the cards are of equal rank, you can have another "gunplay", in this case the payout does not change. You can leave the risk game immediately after the agent's shot. That means that if it seems to you that the agent has hit a card which rank is too high, you can refuse from taking the risk. The risk game can be stopped by the START button or by pressing the BET/RISK button again.

The number of steps in the risk game IS NOT LIMITED.

Bonus game

'Agent 008' bonus game screen. JackPot system is supported

Pic.3 Bonus game screen

If three bonus symbols appear on the drums in any combination during the main game, the bonus game starts. When playing the bonus game (pic.3) you are to open the safes, hidden behind the pictures, using the 1 LINE-15 LINES buttons in order to find out where the bonus points are hidden. Various treasures appear in the safes. If a mouse appears in the safe, the earlier acquired points are credited to your account and the bonus game ends If you open all the five safes, you pass on to the super bonus game.

Super bonus game

Slot machine 'Agent 008'. Super bonus game

Pic.4 Super bonus game screen

It starts after you win the bonus game. There is a suitcase with dynamite and two buttons on the screen (pic.4).If you guess the button colour and cut the right wire (red or green), your payout will double; if you cut (by pressing the relevant button) a wrong wire, the super bonus game ends. If you are lucky, you can double your payout three times at the most. Then you will see the words on the screen: "Congratulations! Your payout amounts to credits." If the sum of your payout does not exceed the slot machine limit, you can continue gambling.

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