Attention!!! We have updated price lists for our products. More...


We have added a new Portfolio Portfolio section to the web-site, which will contain all the work we have completed. Later, the list will be expanded with new projects.


We have finished a new version of OBSERVER+ system. It includes a new type of JackPot, has enhanced performance with slot-machine controllers and a multilanguage web-interface. Also we have expanded the set of videoclips showing JackPot status on video output devices.


We're glad to present a new online gambling system Royal Games. It is a three-tiered client-and-server system, which includes a game server, a statistics server, cashier's terminals and a player client with two displays. Novolink boasts a comprehensive range of functions, player loyalty system and JackPot system as well. More...


New browser-based player client powered by Flash. It helps to launch gambling applications on any PC almost instantaneously and without special preparations. More...


Coming soon!!! We're almost ready to release our player client for Android and iOS operating systems. Following the trends in modern gambling industry, our company has developed player clients, which can run on mobile devices, and has integrated this ability into all gambling systems.


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SolGames is a successful, rapidly developing company which belongs to the SST GROUP.

The company started its activity in 2005 and today has a stable position in the field of development of software products and hardware-software complexes for the gaming industry.

We offer our clients:

  • online and offline lottery and gaming systems,
  • tools for management of the gambling establishment,
  • online games,
  • various playing client-server applications,
  • Jackpot systems,
  • thematic games according to individual client assignment,
  • cards for gaming machines,
  • video surveillance systems,
  • different types of boards "subtitles" and etc.

Keeping pace with the times we are preparing to release a mobile version of the game client for Android platforms and iOS. All our systems are integrated with the latest high-tech achievements in the field of electronics and computer equipment.


SolGames is an  international  company. We have customers from Italy, Norway, Sweden, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Grees, CIS contries,Lithuania, Venezuela, Costa Rico, Congo, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States.

SolGames is a modern flexible and productive team of highly skilled programmers, engineers and designers.

SolGames is advanced technologies in programming and electronics, reliability based on debugged testing system.

SolGames is an individual approach to each client, convenient operation and excellent after-sales service.

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